Bike Temple

Joy of Momogamous Sects, Sunday Feb 2

Join the Bike Temple on Sunday, Feb 2 for a “Joy of Monogamous Sects” ride.

We’ll be attending the “Salt and Light Lutheran Church” on NE 20th and Killingsworth.

Small inner-city churches face the problem of aging, declining congregations.  Every year, a few more of the small churches that dot our community go belly-up as the membership gets below the level that can sustain a congregation and maintain a building.

Emmanual Lutheran Church, now Salt and Light Lutheran, has taken a innovative approach to dealing with this problem.  They’ve reinvented themselves as a community center that hosts their church on Sundays.  This way, the otherwise unused classrooms can be put to a permanent alternate use, and the sanctuary and other meeting rooms can be used by the community 6 days a week.

The new organization is called “Leaven”, and has a website at

We’ll go and see the religious side of Leaven by attending the church service, then meet for snacks or tea afterwards.

Meet at Irving Park basketball court at 9:15 am to ride up to the 10:00am service.

(as an added bonus, we’ll be able to see what’s going on at the historic Baptist Church on 9th and Fremont that has been purchased by a right-leaning suburban church and has gotten some new paint).