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Continuing the Discussion – What is the best approach?

Thank you to everyone who has weighed in so far on the previous post in the comments, via email, and in the very impressive and thoughtful thread sparked by this discussion on the Clydesdales/ Athenas forum at I encourage everyone to read through the comments here and at Bike Forums, there have been some great ideas and words of wisdom presented. Here are a few comments that caught my eye… Christa said…

I would definitely benefit from a program such as this. I have a great bike and just need beginner rides to work on. Like, ” That way to the slight hill or here to stay flat.” I would also like to know how to get around town by bike. I am so used to the car and don’t have a clue were to start… ‘The Historian’ said…

I don’t mean to be contentious, but I don’t think there’s an honest way to draw the fat masses to cycling. You could sell it as a magic pill, I suppose, but it’s not. People ride bikes, and maintain a certain weight, because they want to.

What are your thoughts on these comments? Do you agree that there are people out there looking for a program or group that will help them overcome their hesitations or fears, or do you think that we should be leaving well-enough alone and letting people decide for themselves what they should do? Would a program or group which focuses on the overweight and obese serve to help that community or harm it?

I guess my reasoning for exploring this aspect a little further is this: I feel that if a program or group would be benificial for the community than something should happen in that direction right away. There’s no time like the present. However, I would like to fully consider what is the best way to reach out to the larger-bodied community, and if a program or group isn’t the answer, than we should be working to find out what is.
Please continue to share your thoughts. I am very greatful to those of you who already have. If anyone is interested in continuing this discusion one-on-one, feel free to contact me at the email shown on the right-hand sidebar as well.
Deacon Amos